1. UK Collective Vibbar Shares Retro VHS-Style 'Sweden' Video: Premiere

UK Collective Vibbar Shares Retro VHS-Style 'Sweden' Video: Premiere

UK Collective Vibbar Shares Retro VHS-Style 'Sweden' Video: Premiere

Vibbar in Swedish means "vibe" and vibes are exactly what U.K. collective Vibbar deliver in a new video for its song "Sweden," striking a vintage VHS documentary feel, time stamps and all. 

Things start in an airport where the collective is jetting off for 24 hours of adventure in the Scandinavian country, catching several unsuspecting faces alongside the guys sitting in commercial class who probably had no idea they were being filmed for a music video.

Once the crew lands in Sweden, members Skitz, Skribz, Jordy, Poet, Confect and others travel to a mansion where they play pool, hang with some women and rap lyrics such as "Scratch my back like you're a DJ/ Bring your friend, we can have a three-way/ If your hips don't lie, baby, call me Pique/ If I move too fast, slow it down."

This is Vibbar's first release via MistaJam's Speakerbox label.

“We wanted to make something that reflected the collective," Poet tells Billboard. "We wanted to introduce ourselves by showing that we have good vibes, good energy, we travel together, we experience everything together, we’re unified. What better way do that in a visual than to show you our journey to Sweden, from the airport in London all the way through Sweden and then back the very next day? Hopefully it gives you a bit of an insight into us and the dope shit we do."

The collective's eye for fashion plays a large role in the video as well, as inevitably music and style intersect to create Vibbar's multidemsional image.

"I think our musical style definitely has a strong relationship with the way in which we dress and the way we express ourselves because it’s a very unique method of expression," Poet tells Billboard. "If you take a look at Jordy, for example, his music is sometimes quite subdued and so the way he dresses reflects this -- he wears a lot of greys and navy and blacks. It’s very reflective of his personality and his music. Then you’ve got someone like Skits who is just wavy, so you never know what you might get from him. He’s always got something on that looks so, so cool, and you could wear the same thing but it just won’t look good on you. Just an absolute wave god.

"Then you’ve got someone like me who is just some mad eccentric, I’m always thinking of new ways to express myself. Not just musically but also, when you look at me, I like to allow myself to let my personality stand out in everything that I do, and I think we all do it in a really unique and quirky way. Yinka is another great example, and the boss Weezy who always wants to look presidential."

"The music does always come first," adds Jordy, "and we are unique individuals and we don’t put any pressure on anyone to dress a certain way or to look a certain way or to keep up a certain standard and that shows in our fashion; it’s a freedom.

Watch the "Sweden" video below, exlusively provided to Billboard.